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2.5 Weeks in Mexico, Belize and Guatemala

Welcome to my new Itineraries series! I’m starting with a day-by-day 2.5 week itinerary for Mexico, Belize and Guatemala.

Antigua Guatemala

I’ve heard from many people that planning is what puts them off of traveling. Choosing a region, deciding on destinations, finding flight routes that work – it’s a lot. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin, let alone how to bring all of the elements together.

But here’s the thing – sometimes I feel like I have just as much fun planning a trip as I do going on it. Alright, I guess that’s a slight exaggeration. But the logistics that go into creating a trip are like a puzzle, and I love figuring out ways to make them all come together.

Show me a collection of must-sees that you can’t figure out how to fit into one trip, and I’ll show you my ideal Saturday night.

And that’s why I’m starting this new Itineraries series! I’ll share the exact day-by-day schedule of a trip I’ve recently taken, including how I got from place to place, what the flights looked like, what I’d do differently in the future, and more.

Keep reading for the first edition: A 2.5 week itinerary for Mexico, Belize and Guatemala.

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