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A Road Trip Through Italy’s Val d’Orcia

In 2011 I spent Christmas in Italy during a break from teaching English in France. After two weeks of train rides between Milan, Venice, Florence, and Rome, I was set on returning one day to see more of the country. And hopefully by car.

Tuscan Countryside

I won’t lie and try to tell you that movies like Under the Tuscan Sun and Letters to Juliet didn’t play a role in my wish to zoom around the Italian countryside in a (preferably) tiny and stylish European car. They totally did. The idea of hopping behind the wheel, hitting the road, and stopping whenever and wherever I wanted to sounded so incredible. I figured it was unlikely that I would spontaneously buy a fixer-upper farmhouse –although a girl can dream – but I knew that a plate of pasta would never be too far away, and that felt exciting enough for me.

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