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A 2019 Travel and Writing Recap

The blog recently turned three years old (HBD, TPP!) but this will be the first year I share a travel recap post. I thought I’d highlight not just the trips I took, but also what I wrote about during the year.

I have a goal of writing at least one post a month, and so far I’ve managed to stick to it. No matter how uninspired I may sometimes feel, it is always so rewarding to sit down, start writing, and get into the groove of creating something. And what a perfect reason to revisit photos that I might otherwise leave in the invisible corner of a hard drive – to find a way to actively celebrate these beautiful, interesting (and yes, sometimes frustrating) moments, instead of getting instantly caught up in what’s coming next.

So in the spirit of celebrating a year of not just travel but also taking the time for myself to write about it… here we go!

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