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Nine New Things: Edition 1

Welcome to the first edition of my Nine New Things series. 

Nine New Things will be short and sweet posts sharing (mostly) travel-related items. Since I usually focus on past trips, I’m excited to share current inspiration, future plans, and more.

These could be anything from a newly discovered destination to a blog post I love, a helpful article, a TV show set somewhere interesting, upcoming travel plans, and even what I’m up to at home.

One of my favorite local bakeries, The Rye Berry, closed this week. I’m so sad to see them leave our community!

Let’s dive in!

1 | I’d love to visit this beach in Sweden. Patricija’s whole blog is beautiful!

2 | We had a dream trip planned to France and Slovenia for May of 2020 – but you know how that story goes! For now, this beautiful canyon remains high on our to-go list.

3 + 4 | I recently started a bucket list for places and events here in my home state of New York. I’ve always loved exploring locally, but it’s easy to overlook something nearby in favor of a more “exciting” and far-off option.

Especially since having our daughter Margot last September, I’ve thought a lot about how special it will be to explore with her as she gets older. (But no need to rush that process, please!) And of course, a lot of that will take place closer to home. This hot air balloon festival and this jack o’lantern blaze both look like so much fun.

5 + 6 | And for those further away trips, I found these blog posts by Ruth at Rome by the Hour about flying and traveling with kids really helpful. I feel overwhelmed at the prospect of flying with Margot, but I don’t want to let that stand in the way of family adventures. 

I especially loved this “pep talk” at the end of the first post, and I saved it to reference later:

Every flight has a screaming baby, and today just might be your day. And that’s OKAY. It’s easy to get panicky if you think the other passengers are inconvenienced or annoyed with your kid. I’ve been there so many times, and what I’ve learned is…who cares. People might roll their eyes, but it really doesn’t matter. The truth is that most people are good, and some are even helpful. Everyone else can take a hike. All that matters is getting to your destination.  So just tunnel-vision it, focus on your baby, and try to relax. 

Ruth Nuss, Rome by the Hour

Margot’s nursery

7 + 8 | This beautiful photo makes me miss Sydney. Did you hear that Australia has reopened to visitors?

9 | From the archives: Life’s a Beach and Then You Pie: Road Tripping the Florida Keys

I’d love to hear some of your “new things.” Share a few in the Comments!

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