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Nine New Things: Edition 5

Nine New Things is a series of short and sweet posts sharing current inspiration, future plans, what I’m up to at home, and more. You can see other editions here.

Let’s dive in!

1 | I haven’t been to New York City since December of 2019 and I’m hoping to head down for a day trip in the next couple of weeks. It feels so magical during the holidays and I’d love to spend a few hours walking around and soaking up the festive vibes, cheesy aspects and all.

2 | I’ve been spending a lot of time on Pinterest ever since our home purchase became official. It’s simultaneously inspiring and overwhelming – said everyone on Pinterest ever! – and while I know many of my dream projects won’t happen right away, I’m gearing up for a few that are more feasible, like this brushstroke accent wall from An Indigo Day.

3, 4 + 5 | Speaking of Pinterest, three DIYs I’m excited to work on this holiday season are these paper Christmas candles from Handmade Charlotte, this paper village wreath from Delia Creates, and this advent calendar from The House That Lars Built.

6 | We picked out our Christmas tree this weekend which is one of my favorite activities of the year. It was our second time getting a tree with Margot in tow, and it was wild thinking of how different she is now (active, curious, opinionated, vocal, ready to get into everything) compared to last year (bundled in a blanket in our arms, quietly observing her surroundings).

7 + 8 | I’m cozying up in the evenings with the latest seasons of The Crown and Dead to Me, both on Netflix.

9 | From the archives: A Hot Dog For Every City: Exploring Scandinavia (Part Four)

Aurlandsfjord Norway

I’d love to hear some of your “new things.” Share a few in the Comments!

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