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Nine New Things: Edition 3

Nine New Things is a series of short and sweet posts sharing current inspiration, future plans, what I’m up to at home, and more. You can see other editions here.

tête de chien french riviera

Let’s Dive In!

1 | At the end of May we took our first big trip in two and a half years and headed to France with Margot. We were so nervous about the unknowns of traveling with a baby, but she was a real trooper. Our flights were a mess of delays and cancellations, and we are so grateful that she did so well in spite of it all. I’ll be sharing more posts about the whole trip soon, and in the meantime you can see some photos and recaps over on Instagram.

2 | Before we bought our tickets to France, we booked a trip to Cape May, New Jersey for the last week of June. I was feeling impatient to plan something and we reserved a large house in the hopes that my mom and siblings could join for some family time at the beach. We’ve heard great things about Cape May and thought it would be a fun option that wouldn’t require flying and all of the current health concerns and extra logistics that go along with it. As the dates got closer and two of my three siblings couldn’t join after all, we decided to scale back the trip and book a house in the Catskills instead – and that’s where I’m typing from now! I love exploring this area and I’m excited to see more of it. Right now we’re thinking Saugerties, Kaaterskill Falls, Art OMI, and Catskill. Stay tuned.

3 | Dan is taking a leave from work for the next ~two months and I’m so excited for lots of family time this summer. We’re looking forward to visiting Green Lakes State Park, taking our daily walks around Hamilton with Margot, and generally enjoying the magic that is a northeastern US summer.

4 | We are potentially visiting Charleston and Savannah in October, which was also booked pre-Europe. After having so many issues with our flights to and from France, I’m unsure if we’ll actually go or not. If you’ve flown lately, how did it go for you? Let me know in the Comments!

5 | I recently went to see Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience in Schenectady with my mom and sister-in-law. Multiple versions have toured the US and I was excited to see one come to upstate NY. I really enjoyed it! We had coffee beforehand at Graham’s Coffee Parlor and lunch afterward at The Nest and both were delicious.

6 | Last month, my best friend + biz partner and I celebrated five years of running our marketing company Scrap Paper Social. Or should I say, we reached the five year milestone without remembering and have been meaning to mark the occasion ever since. We may be a lot of things, but self-important is not one of them. I’m sure we will get there eventually. Until then I’m feeling proud and reminiscing about our childhood daydreams of living in an apartment covered in Leonardo DiCaprio posters together.

7 | My go-to relaxing show right now is Superstore. I love having a silly comedy to escape into that doesn’t require any energy to follow. (Said everyone ever.) I’m always looking for new recommendations – what are you watching?

8 | I’m starting to think about Margot’s first birthday party and I’m gravitating toward an outer space theme (pun intended). I don’t think we’ll plan anything big, but I’d still like to decorate a little bit and of course I will be excited to get her a tiny cake to destroy. How cute is this DIY?

9 | From the archives: A Hot Dog For Every City: Exploring Scandinavia (Part Two)

Café Sommersko Copenhagen

What’s new for you these days? Let me know in the Comments!

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