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Nine New Things: Edition 2

Nine New Things is a series of short and sweet posts sharing current inspiration, future plans, what I’m up to at home, and more. You can see other editions here.

utica coffee
A treat I’m loving lately: hazelnut lattes from Utica Coffee

Let’s dive in!

1 | Dan and I recently took Margot on a day trip to nearby Cazenovia to grab coffee and sandwiches from The Pewter Spoon and visit Chittenango Falls. We’re trying to get more comfortable deviating from our at-home routine and seeing how we do on the go. Before heading home I took a quick walk around town. The photos here are from H. Grey Supply Co., a colorful shop with beautiful clothing, candles, pennants, and other gifts.

2 + 3 | On the list for next time: visiting Purpose Coffee Company and In Good Company.

in good company cazenovia ny
In Good Company

4 | In 2015, I borrowed my mom’s phone for a trip to New York City. She recently sent me some photos I never deleted, and it was almost surreal to look through them. I had just moved back to the States from Australia and didn’t have an American phone yet. I like thinking about a time when I had never owned a smartphone, used my iPod Touch for Instagram, and casually borrowed my mom’s phone for travel – not to mention taking dozens of photos and then promptly forgetting about them entirely! It wasn’t that long ago, but (for me) it was an entirely different lifestyle regarding my phone and social media.

Washington Square Park New York City

5 | Okay, I buried the lede – we have some trips on the books! Dan and I went back and forth about whether we felt comfortable taking Margot anywhere that involved flying. There are so many logistics to balance, not to mention Covid considerations. We decided to start with something domestic and used miles for fall tickets to Savannah and Charleston; this way we could dip a toe into the world of traveling with a baby and work our way up to longer journeys from there.

6 | …and then a week later, we promptly did a total 180 when we found tempting flights to France in May: affordable and just one-stop each way between Syracuse and Nice. And with a lap infant ticket, Margot can fly for free domestically and a small fee internationally until she’s two years old. We decided to go for it. Suddenly we are knee-deep in meticulous packing lists and Reddit forums on travel car seats. Luckily we didn’t forget in our excitement that a new passport is also required, and with expedited service we received Margot’s a few days ago!

Nice France
A photo from the last time I visited Nice, in 2012

I’m nervous, but am also feeling so grateful for the opportunity to take this meaningful family trip. And of course, I’ll report back on everything here!

7 | Closer to home, we’ll be spending an upcoming weekend near Lake George and I’m excited to visit Glens Falls and Saratoga Springs for the first time. This blog about Glens Falls and the surrounding area has been a great resource.

8 | I love these postcard-style murals and was so excited to see one in the works as I drove through Waterville, NY a few months ago. The finished product is beautiful! It was painted by Russell Mason.

9 | From the archives: A Hot Dog For Every City: Exploring Scandinavia (Part One)

What’s new in your world? Let me know in the Comments!

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